Nobelwind Wind Farm

The Nobelwind offshore wind farm is being developed by Nobelwind NV, a joint venture of Parkwind, Sumitomo and Meewind. Belgium based marine construction experts Jan de Nul Group, secured the contract for the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of 51 monopile foundations for the 50 wind turbines and one substation.

Rotabolt 2Located on the Bligh Bank 46km off the Belgium coast, over 4000 M72 Hex Head Bolts converted with the RotaBolt 2 tension control system were required on this project for approximately 50 turbines generating 3.3MW each. 100% RotaBolts are specified to connect the Monopile (MP) and the Transition Piece (TP’s) on this Offshore Wind Farm Project.

The decision to go for a flanged MP-TP connection is in line with a general trend in the market where a bolted connection is considered to present less structural risk than the traditional grouted connection.  The introduction of the RotaBolt 2’s will further de-risk the installation and operational aspects of this bolted connection.

The decision to use RotaBolt 2 was based on having accurate control during the tightening process in order to…

  • Avoid damaging the flanges in susceptible areas where shims were used to accommodate any unevenness between the flange faces
  • Safely utilise 85% of all the bolts natural strength during torque tightening
  • To obtain assurance of the overall bolted joint design objective